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Thoughts, musings, questions and inspiration from the desk of our head rebel. We write about creativity, growing a small business, how-to tutorials and popular trends in handmaking.

The Benefits of Letting Kids Struggle

Jill Maldonado

Copyright : Dmytro Panchenko (Follow)

Copyright : Dmytro Panchenko (Follow)

One of the hardest things about being a mom is watching my children struggle. Beginning with their first attempts to walk, watching them fall is awful. I never get used to it, no matter how many times I see it - all the scrapes and bumps it took to learn to ride a bike; the first time a friend broke their heart, the first time they suffered an injustice doled out by a trusted adult - it takes everything I have not to swoop in and try to fix it all. But I don’t.

I let them struggle. I root for them. I feel their pain. I wish for them to overcome their challenges.

I don’t fight their battles, but I have their backs.

I’m there to apply the band-aids, give hugs, lend a listening ear and a crying shoulder.

But WHY? If it’s so hard to watch my kids struggle, why do I do it?

Because struggle is what makes us strong. Struggle teaches us persistence, it teaches us the power of our own determination and the beauty of resilience. The reward of overcoming struggle is confidence, a sense of competence and an understanding that when things don’t work out as planned, we will be okay.

I want my kids to feel strong and capable long before they leave my care. That journey starts with their first step, their first stumble and the first time they decide to get up and try again.