The Way to Promote Your Music Business

1 common thing I hear a great deal from musicians would be “I used Facebook ads once and it didn’t really work for me.”

And that is typical for many companies not only musicians. However, as musicians we are not selling an answer to some problem just like a dentist, or even a attorney. So we must begin marketing music otherwise.

What many musicians do is that they have a record or one to market. They then place a million distinct hyperlinks to iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, SoundCloud, YouTube, Bandcamp, and let folks to hear it at no cost.
There is a couple of issues with this technique.

The primary problem is if you send somebody into a 3rd party platform such as Spotify it is pretty much impossible to keep an eye on the number of folks went there from the own ad. Moreover, you can not follow these folks since you don’t have an email or solution to follow them up.

But the second issue is more associated with human psychology. As people once we meet somebody for the very first time we’re really unlikely to do whatever that they request us to perform.

If a stranger walks up to you and asks you to do something it is not likely to occur. When a friend asks you to do some thing you’re considerably more prone to do exactly what they need.

This “GO CHECK OUT MY MUSIC” advertisement is doing the specific same thing.

I love to create an analogy to describe this.

Lets say I Wish to market my trendy new country music record, so I return to my Regional country music pub, walk until the very first person I see and state:

The odds of the individual doing this are slim to none.

And that is exactly what many musicians do with their advertisements.

You are essentially asking a complete stranger to prevent everything they are doing and leave Facebook to go listen to your songs.

And there is really a far better way to publicize your songs with Facebook advertising.

Envision this different situation…

They say yes and place it on.

Nowadays you get started looking round the area and you see some people nodding their mind and grooving to your candy songs.

You go around them and begin a conversation and let them know about your group, that you transferred here from another town.

And flourish. You finally have a direct link to someone who’s interested in your songs, and may possibly turn into a fan.

We can perform this exact same thing on Facebook by conducting a paid video advertisement. Do not place any links or anything crazy in text. Only a very simple headline. This does is it allows people discover your songs obviously and if they are interested they will click on to your webpage and find out more about you.
And if you’ve put your custom made crowd lists in Facebook you are able to conduct a follow up ad to them in the future requesting them to provide you with their email beforehand for your album at no cost.