Computer Forensic Technology

Computer Forensics is the process of investigating electronic devices or pc media with the intention of discovering and analyzing accessible, deleted, or even “hidden” information that can serve as useful evidence in supporting both defenses and claims of a legal issue as well as it can useful when data have been accidentally deleted or lost due to hardware failure.

Nonetheless, this is a really old technique but today it has been changed much because of technological improvements, modern tools and software which makes Computer Forensics easier for Computer Forensic Experts to find & restore more evidence/data quicker and with more accuracy.

Computer forensics has change how digital evidence is accumulated & used as evidence of a crime & it is done using innovative techniques and technologies. A computer forensic expert uses these methods to discover proof from an electronic storage device for a potential crime. The information can be from any kind of electronics like Pen drives, discs, tapes, handhelds, PDAs, memory stick forensics investigation, Emails, logs, hidden or deleted documents.

Most of us believe deleting a file or background will remove it entirely from the hard disk. In realty, it simply removes the document from the place but the actual file still remains on your computer. It’s a lot easier to track what’s been done on your own computer but difficult to say by whom though it’s likely to alter or delete the data completely from your storage device. It is dependent on computer forensic expert’s skills how nicely he can detect and restore the data without any loss or alter.

Computer forensics got widespread attention throughout the Enron scandal broadly believed to be the largest computer forensics investigation.

. By tracking e-mails, chat-history, tapes, files, websites people browse or any other form of electronic communications.

Data safety is one of the biggest issues the corporate world is facing now by publishing business’s internet/policies & implications for offenses, registering for compliance records by workers. Businesses can begin tracking their own computer programs to avoid legal consequences in future. Making employees aware that tracking applications and Computer forensics personnel are available could stop employees from incorrect.

By means of computers in everyday life and increasing number of hi-tech offenses, Computer forensics is a growing market in the lawsuit support industry. Unlike many jobs in information technology industry, chances are that computer forensics providers won’t be outsourced to other country because of the confidentiality of the data business which won’t let it travel simply to save a little cash.