Summer Style Guide: Wedge Sandals

ladies wedge sandals

The sun is out and it is time to split out the summer apparel once more, and what might be better than a stunning summer dress and a fantastic set of ladies wedge sandals to match it.

Ballet shoes really are a wardrobe staple for all, not just are they versatile they are also comfortable and provide additional support to the center of the foot in which conventional heels do not. This makes them the ideal selection for anybody that could struggle to use heels effortlessly but still needs the appearance.

Wedge sandals could be dressed up or down and may look great with dresses, shorts, pants, shorts and shorts. They are the ideal selection of night footwear for several events also, if you are off to a wedding or you need some comfy, yet fashionable heels for your workplace, there is definitely a type of wedge sandal available for you.

ladies wedge sandals

Which Are Wedge Sandals?

Wedge sandals (or wedges as some call them) Have a combined heel and only and are normally made out of 1 substance — frequently timber, cork or perspex — forming the foundation of the only. Often cork is favored as it is lightweight and durable. The foundation of this sole is occasionally wrapped with a different material like leather to coincide with the top of these sandals.

Wedge fashion boots and shoes are popular for decades and turned into a style statement in Italy during the 1930’s where they had been initially developed as a orthopedic aid. Since that time there have been a lot of distinct designs and styles hit the current market, and much more so than wedge shoes that nevertheless remain a favorite summer footwear alternative for this day.

The heel part of wedge sandals may be a feature in their own, together with the space for embellishments and innovative layout, anything you can. Wedge sandals will also be offered in a number of different heights to best suit your tastes.

The Benefits Of Wedges

As mentioned before, wedges were initially developed as a orthopedic aid which could assist to fix heel issues or instep problems like fallen arches. As wedges have a sound, single only, there’s additional stability and support to the center of the shoe, some thing that you do not get with stiletto or block insides.

With the extra stability, you run less chance of injury, which makes them a safer option if you are not 100 percent when it comes to wearing heels. A lot of men and women find wedges more comfortable for wearing over a lengthy time period, whilst still offering the extra height of a heel.

With these additional benefits, you may be wondering why are wedge shoes better for you than simply heels? The reply to this really depends upon which heels you are comparing them to, however generally speaking, the solution is yes! Their additional comfort and support have a tendency to cause less waxing and distress than other, less inviting kinds of heel for example stilettos.

ladies wedge sandals

What To Wear Wedge Sandals With

Now we have researched wedge shoes as well as their advantages you may be wondering what you could use them with. The excellent news is they’re so flexible, there are not too many hard and speedy style rules when it comes to wedges. But in case you’re looking for a little advice here is our guide on How Best to utilize wedge sandals:

How to utilize wedge sandals with jeans

It’s simple to pair wedge shoes with jeans to make a casual ensemble. To maintain the appearance low-key, for daylight casual wear, then elect for a wedge with a heel of 3″ or below. Neutrals like black, brown, nude and white will work with a variety of outfits, so these could be a versatile choice. If you’re embracing the summer sun, don’t be afraid to pick out a bright accent colour from your top like pink, red or purple and match the shade of your wedge sandals to really make them stand out!

How to wear wedge sandals with shorts

Much like skinny jeans, shorts tend to be a casual clothing option. Once again, keeping wedge sandal heels low and opting for neutrals is a great way to go. A pair of cute denim shorts, teamed with wedge sandals and a casual t-shirt is a winning combination for your summer holiday.

How to wear wedge sandals with a dress

Wedges can help dress your outfit up or down. When paired with a dress, a wedge sandal that’s over 3″ top can truly add fashion to a day outfit. Opt for a glamorous design with diamante detail to the best in day wow element. When teaming with a daytime apparel, follow similar principles to shorts and skinny jeans, simple and low is ideal for a relaxed appearance.

The Way To Wear Wedge Sandals

There are many distinct trends of wedge sandal, offering chances to use them for many distinct occasions. The one thing you need to wait around for when determining when to wear your wedge shoes is a small amount of sun! Here are some of our finest wedge-sandal sporting tips:

The Office:

If you discover the perfect pair, you are able to wear wedge shoes for work. A lot of individuals wonder if wedge shoes are small casual and this actually depends upon your work surroundings. Unless there is a strict dress code, then decide on a simple, smart, very low wedge without a lot of embellishment. They will keep your feet cool, look smart and feel comfy, and that means you are on a workday winner!

ladies wedge sandals

The Beach:

When you are on the shore, virtually anything goes! Sand is not as secure as the pavement, however, so we’d suggest a very low wedge with a ankle strap for maximum beachfront pleasure.


Weddings are a wonderful chance to break those out dressier wedge sandals! Whether you are a bride, wedding guest or even the bride, then wedges might be the response to all-day relaxation. For an occasion such as this, you can manage to go to get an elegant, large, decorated wedge. Reduced, easier styles may seem somewhat underdressed so choose for something particular if you are picking wedding footwear. The same is true for a prom night, the ideal selection of wedge sandal can seem as elegant as every other heels style.

Picking The Right Wedge Sandals For You

Exactly like every kind of shoe, particular types of wedge will agree with your feet better than many others. If you are not utilized to high heels, then do not opt for a sky-high wedge simply because it provides more assistance or maybe you find you are still fighting. Pick out the form of your toes into consideration and be sure that you try various styles to evaluate how comfy they are. Should you find the appropriate set of wedges, you will never need to wear anything else! Listed below are a Couple of tips on what to Search for:

Wide feet: some manufacturers provide wider fit choices that are fantastic for broad feet and also size. If these are not available style for strappy options instead of a peep toe since these will provide your toes a bit more wiggle room.

Narrow ft: if your toes are on the thinner side peep feet fashions may be just perfect. Keep an eye out for flexible shoulder straps to keep your foot safe from the sandal.

This summer, be sure that you incorporate some wedge shoes for your wardrobe! As you can see they are a versatile and comfy fashion to wear. Here at Shoe Zone you will get a fantastic value array, and we stock women wedge shoes for all those small girls who wish to appear amazing in the summer sunshine too! There is a wedge for every single summer event, be sure to choose yours.