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Why regular vinyl is virtually always the better option.

It’s normal in our industry to observe customers come in with particular color requirements due to their own signage. Why not this be the situation? Shade is a big differentiating factor inside advertising. BSC Signs can fit just about any colour that we encounter, Pantone being the hottest, We could have these custom colours: Digitally Printed, Custom Painted, Screen Printed, etc..

If it comes to digital prints on illuminated signs you will find several Sign Shops In Austin, namely when lit during the night your signal will seem washed out. From the case images, unlit, both vinyls look almost identical, but if lit that the printed vinyl turns into a”peach” shade while the normal vinyl remains a vivid red.

Sign Shops In Austin

From what we know this occurs for a few reasons:

  1. The ink is placed on the vinyl like every printing procedure, in a scatter matrix, meaning that although it seems a good colour, under magnification there’ll still be elements of this white plastic observable.
  2. The inks are opaque so light does not pass it through, but about it. This causes the light to become whitened with a number of the colour refracted in the inks surface.

We urge when at all possible, our customers select a plastic option which fits as close as possible to their original colours. This will make sure your brands individuality remains consistent and lively both throughout the day and during the night.

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